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Week courses

High School Western Riding by Ferruccio Badi
The school of Western Riding.

Managed by Ferruccio Badi known as western man, instructor, trainer racing, trainer and international judge AQHA, NSBA, APHA and FEWI. A different method of comunication for the western riding that, especially at this time, seems to live one of the worst moments thanks to the various crises and quarrels.
It’s a new thing, Western Riding High School, is an intensive workshop that is programmed through BADI FARM and in several equestrian centers in Italy. Since 1989, Ferruccio Badi dealing professionally as trainer of athletes, technical staff and judges, by 1995 this educational activity has been expanded to other states as France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Russia and others, creating good trainer and trying to stimulate their thirst for knowledge and desire to experiment to find the right solution with a method that gradually, it is refined enough to be then condensed in this course.
"Right now, I'm sorry if I say the same thing awkward but unfortunately true, we need to stop and reflect, both for the educator, and for those who want to understand from the western riding at all levels."
"Who goes for a trekking should reflect and avoid falling into banality by saying that the excursions do not need a thorough knowledge of the horse and the rules of management or training, during trekking you can find any type of land or obstacle and in this moment is important to know the ability of horses to deal all situations. Those who have competitive ambitions must know the horse, avoiding the hope that "dad" when this horse will be broke will buy another one, and then must figure out what to do, how to ask, how much to ask in respect of the horse. Starting in the 90’s as Instructor AIMW ANTE I formed many instructors still practicing and working in the field of Western Riding, and many of them agree with me that it is necessary to analyze and discuss those aspects that instead, especially in Western Riding are not treated , how to control your horse, how to ask for a shoulder-in, which is the difference between a sale of a leg and sidepass, and then more specifically find out the various specialties that make up the Western Riding, doesn’t exist only Reining!
The newspapers do a great job spreading flashes of technique, but practice and repetition are the fundamental of learning. "

Western Riding High School is a one-week course, a "full immersion" on the western horses. The program is really at 360 °: it starts in the morning talking about structure, basic exercises on how to collect the horse, then get to control all its "parts", after lunch starting with the showmanship, we enter suits specialties, pleasure, trail, horsemanship, reining, roping, until arriving at versatility ranch. Moments of theory, including general and specific rules all over the week and Sunday we will realize a real show. More than 50 hours of theoretical and practical course built like a college course, choosing the lessons that you wish to attend and being able to go over in spare time. A great opportunity for anyone who wants to understand, can access these courses all those who have some experience on horseback, as people that ride at least for seven, eight months. The horse could be their own, this is the better way to improve their own ability, but exceptionally we can provide our horses that participate in various competition in Italian championship and therefore guaranteed a certain quality. It 'a really formative experience "
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