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Horses, pony and kids

Badi Farm has created a national program called "Kids, Ponies and Horses", recently submitted to the Province of Varese, Chamber of Commerce of Varese, whose purpose is to enhance the equestrian culture through training of both teachers and students.
Many are the possibilities of collaboration between school and our farm: to become the laboratory related to nature
We believe on the importance for children to develop a culture on the agricultural world and equestrian this is the reason for the creation of a joint project by providing our experience on the basis of all activities "practical" and "theory"

Badi Farm has been working actively on land, so is an ideal place for this activity, which goes far beyond the mere teaching function, but is a moment with a practical and interactive world that for many students will be new and fascinating .
Some possibilities for collaboration could include:
• Guided tours in company with several programs designed ad hoc for specific classes,
• Outputs for Single-topic lessons  with the possibility of bringing animals to school,
• Ability to arrange sports activities related to the horse as a sport to be offered to children, by an agreement, and as a teaching method related to responsibility and self-growth program linked to manual labor and horse-riding,
• Ability to summer CAMPUS not only for practical experience of "rural life" (for all the Primary and higher),
• Possibility of small demonstrations of ranch life by the Versatility Ranch & Stock Horse Club subsidiary Coni,
• Start the practice of riding for children, boys and / or organize sports activities,
• Activity into 4 hectares of forest that make up the farm,
• Activities related to livestock.
What we want to create over time is not only single occasion where students are conducted in "Farm" to "look" but a genuine training, in addition to thematic tours, you can, through Working closely together and durable, the activities in our company to become an integral part of the educational activity carried out resulting from your institute for your students as a real training not just sports.
 In addition, our staff, as a result of years of experience with children, could make presentations directly to the classroom with the function of a preamble to what they see, but at the end of the path, in order to evaluate the experience by students.

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