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Hei! you think to be a proven rider?... take the challenge.... come and try BADI FARM HORSE PARK, from this week end you can join our park, you can purchase day, weekly montly and all year tickets with or with out trainers, clinic and stage at your disposition!

ride with us!


the best horses ever on sale

came to see our horses... an incredible experience of pedigree, well manner horse, sound ... ready to become your best friends


Living near the horses, take care of them, ride them, take lessons. All in our farm. The possibilities for those who love nature and horses to learn more about the horse. Many solutions can be:
riding in the morning and attend various farm activities, training and much more during the day, or visit the Land of Varese in the free time: Roman archaeological excavations, the sanctuaries and the beautiful pre-alpine lakes that make up the Land of Varese.

courses of one week or more 

While your family will enjoy swimming, pine forest, the amenities of the lakes and Pre-Alps, you can ride a horse and at the same time stay in our farm, relax into the horse world having  the opportunity to live the life of the farm with pace and quiet.

Study and work at Badi Farm

If all this is not enough we can always find a way to make you stay with us to lend a hand! As he fall into the western world.
Many feels teachers after few lessons but real knowledge is only when working with horses
Currently we adhere to the program "Live the Farm", a project of Chamber of Commerce, the Province of Varese and Association of Breeders of Varese which aims to bring the world of agriculture, the local products, rural tourism and life in schools in order to introduce students to this reality as a way of life and discover nature.