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Hei! you think to be a proven rider?... take the challenge.... come and try BADI FARM HORSE PARK, from this week end you can join our park, you can purchase day, weekly montly and all year tickets with or with out trainers, clinic and stage at your disposition!

ride with us!


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came to see our horses... an incredible experience of pedigree, well manner horse, sound ... ready to become your best friends


Badi Farm can accommodate groups of people so that they can know and learn western riding, personalized programs will take you from basic level, starting with knowing how to lead your horse to halter, working with the calves, and the Working Cowhorse Reining. The lessons are customized or groups and are based on instructors recognized by major organizations and trained by Ferruccio Badi, trainer and international judge. The students can also follow the training of horses. At Badi Farm you can stay even just to enjoy nature and be in a farm rich of activities, all into the family can find an activity for fun with the different opportunities that the territory of the Land of Varese and its lakes and its history can offer. From us are easily accessible natural parks and cultural centers, fully enjoying the beauty of the lakes and the Pre-Alps.

Guided tours and educational tours

Excellent opportunity for students from kindergarten to the technical institutes, sightseeing tours and insights on specific learning paths:
• the forest: plants and fruits
• the farm: how it works, on what is composed, we discover why it's important: corn, hay, animals
• the sheep: their life, family, and the sheep and sheep dogs
• cows: their reproductive cycle
• The horse: his family, stallion, mare,colt, customs and habits, its history
• the horse-2: different colors, different breed, its evolution, the modern horse, the Western Riding

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The Farm

All activities and life of animals living at Badi Farm, are based on the operation of the farm, with more than 55 hectares in work, through woods and meadows, permits us the production of organic hay and fresh grass to feed animals. Updated agricultural vehicles both for the production of grass hay, allow the right job.
The use of bedding, treated with enzymes, paddocks and experience in handling animals and especially horses at all stages of reproduction, from fertilization to birth with a special box with share monitoring, make this a model farm with regard to the saddle horse western riding.