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Hei! you think to be a proven rider?... take the challenge.... come and try BADI FARM HORSE PARK, from this week end you can join our park, you can purchase day, weekly montly and all year tickets with or with out trainers, clinic and stage at your disposition!

ride with us!


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Badi Farm Quarter Horses

Badi Farm S.N.C. was founded in 1985 as a breeder for the selection of the Quarter Horse in Italy.
Managed by Ferruccio Badi, international judge AQHA, APHA etc., instructor and trainer has always been excellent breeding enough to win major awards in various competitions.
Badi Farm is a farm with 50 horses, a riding school among the best in Italy, a training center, recognized stud farm, and also a pleasant place to spend weeks learning western riding surrounded by the nature. Sumirago is located on the first hills of Varese, north Italy, near the Swiss border,  so the resort offers exceptional hiking over varied terrain.
BADI FARM is not a riding school but first of all it's a private farm where access is carefully selected to ensure quietness and privacy to the horses and to the customers. Badi Farm is a resort in which you can understand and learn everything about horses, different horse activity, horse boarding and even a Bed & Breakfast.